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Preparing your home for a new dog


The moment your eyes land on that perfect little puppy face and you fall in love is the moment you will want to bring that sweet little doggy home immediately. Introducing a new furry family member into a home that is not prepared to receive him is the perfect set-up for disaster and frustration. That's certainly no way to begin a loving bond between human and dog. Ensure you, your family and your home are ready for a new pet before the pup arrives to guarantee success and a smooth transition. Preparing in advance will likely save you both money and additional stress. Read on to learn the best way to prepare for a new puppy before he begins snuggling up with you on the couch.

Feeding Time With Your Pup

One of the first basic needs you'll have to meet for your new dog is providing sustenance. Choosing a quality, nutritious food will fill your puppy up, give him the energy he needs to grow and provide adequate nutrition to help keep him at his healthiest. If your new four-legged friend is still in the puppy stage of life, choosing puppy-specific diet is important for supporting the quick growth and changes your dog is experiencing. The length of time a dog should remain on puppy food before transitioning to an adult diet will depend on the type and size of the pup. A good rule of thumb is that most dogs will need to remain on a puppy food diet until they reach the age of somewhere between six and 12 months. 

To ensure extra tail wags and to help with training and rewarding, it's a fabulous idea to have delicious treats at the ready. Yummy little morsels are perfect for rewarding during training time, and tasty chews can be just the ticket for keeping sharp puppy teeth off your shoes and other household items.

A Place for Pup To Rest His Head

While some new pet owners may immediately invite a new pup to their bed with them, it's completely okay and healthy to set some boundaries and give your pup a resting place of its own. In fact, crate training your puppy provides your dog with a spot to escape to and rest whenever he would like, as well as provides the perfect place for protecting your pup from household dangers when you aren't able to keep your eyes on him. 

Helping Your Pup To Explore His World

You want your doggo to explore and become comfortable with his new digs, but some areas in your home may remain off-limits, at least for now. 

Once your new dog is beginning to settle into his new home with you and your family, it's important to help him get acquainted with the world around him through taking walks and exploring nearby areas. Before venturing out, gift your doggie with his own collar and be sure to attach proper identification and contact information in the event your dog is separated from you and becomes lost. 

If it's cold, try your pup in some warm clothing such as a shirt or hoodie

Building Relationships Through Play

Last, but certainly not least, having a selection of dog-appropriate toys on hand is key to keeping your new puppy entertained and is a great way to stimulate bonding between you and pup. Teething toys, give young pups something to chew on and helps relieve teething pain. Tough and versatile toys are great for both distributing tasty treats and distracting curious pups from chewing on other household items. 

Preparing long before that sweet doggo steps foot into your home and heart sets everyone involved up for new puppy success. Purchasing the basics beforehand and having extra items that could be helpful on hand and at the ready, will make the work of puppy rearing that much easier. Follow these recommendations and you'll be ready to care for and love that sweet new puppers from the very start.

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