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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Question: Who may need a Smart Motion Ball?

    Answer: Smart Motion Ball is an interactive pet toy, which could be interacted with pets for up to 8 hours, with intermittent rest. As such, Motion Ball is suitable for those who love their pets but do not have enough time around with their pets. You may leave your pet to have fun with Motion Ball when you are not around for a whole day.

    Question: What kind of pets does Smart Motion Ball fit?

    Answer: Smart Motion Ball is majorly designed for dogs and cats.

    Question: How durable is Smart Motion Ball?

    Answer: The material that we used on the inner layer of our outer shell is PC, therefore, the hardness is relatively high. For the outer layer, we use TPU, therefore, relatively soft but also has a protective effect on pets. We have tested Motion Ball on more than 100 dogs and cats to test all aspects of biting, gnawing and scratching. Eventually, Motion Ball has passed the tests (for heavy chewer, bite marks may occur).

    Question: How to clean Smart Motion Ball?

    Answer: Smart Motion Ball is waterproof and can be cleaned directly under-tightening conditions. While, we need to make it clear that, the core of Smart Motion Ball is not waterproof. It can NOT be cleaned. Normally it will not be dirty under closed space. But if it is dirty, you may wipe it directly with simply a paper towel.

    Question: Is Smart Motion Ball waterproof?

    Answer: We tested Smart Motion Ball with IPX67 standard and it worked well. Under the condition of tightening Motion Ball, it can be soaked in water directly or even run directly in water. You may play with your puppy in water as well.

    Question: How long does the battery last and is it rechargeable?

    Answer: The playtime depends on Smart Motion Ball and pets' interaction time. In some situations, the maximum playtime could be up to 8 hours.

    Rechargeable, charging takes about 1 hour and can be played for up to 8 hours so your cat won't have to be alone without it.

    Question: Whether Smart Motion Ball could run well on the carpets?

    Answer: Smart Motion Ball can run easily on normal carpets. For some thick carpets, it will attract pets' attention by twisting and rolling.

    Question: My pet is shy, how should I introduce the Smart Motion Ball?

    Answer: No problem! Here's what we recommend: 1) Place the Smart Motion Ball on the ground so your pet can walk up to it and give it a sniff anytime. 2) Allow your pet to get used to Smart Motion Ball. Some pets love it right away, while others may take a couple of days to get familiar with a Smart Motion Ball. 3) Give your pet lots of love and encouragement. Repeat until your pet is comfortable.